The Top Ten Most Glorious of Michael Fassbender

Selected by Sorujaa

Selected by Alesia Garcia

Selected by Gisela Franz

Selected by Michele Love

Selected by Kelli

Selected by Simone

Selected by Martha

Selected by Dianne Silva - "He looks like a painting from the Renaissance era"

Selected by Kt Katie - "beauty"

Selected by Dionne - "That pose is perfect"

When I received the email for this image which was part of his Entertainment Weekly (March 4, 2011) article, which basically introduced Michael Fassbender to the rest of the planet, I knew that it was going to be number 1. Dionne was right, "that pose is perfect". The man is in his pajamas, his face is cleanly shaven, and his 'Shame' hair is brushed back away from his face. I'm a fan of the non-facial hair Fassy because it allows me to really see his face, and to enjoy looking at his mouth, his eyes, and his German influenced jawline. As much as we all love his Irish ancestry, and refer to it frequently, we cannot forget his German ancestry which is his father's bloodline, as well as Michael's surname. And this very image has Michael looking straight-up German: strong square-jaw, strong brow line, and deep seated eyes. This pose is relaxed but firm, and he's not smiling... just sitting there looking like a hot motherfucker. Period. If The North Face need a spokesman to help sell some long johns next winter, they just need to call Michael and they will have record sales!

Honorable Mentions:

Selected by Rachel - "I love when his hair is longer. Those blue eyes... he can see into your soul."

Selected by Barbara Braid

Selected by Danielle Llanes

As you can see, the images are diverse and this demonstrates how much Michael can diversify his look. Many of his fans have a preference of his appearance, and their selection reflects that.  With that said, any fan who reviews this Fassinating Fassbender top 10 list will enjoy all the images that made the cut. If you ever find yourself in the position to have to explain why you adore Michael Fassbender, along with sending them the link to his wikipedia or IMDB page to review his actual filmography, you can send them to this list to get a good idea of the diversity of his appearance, as well as just admiring what a sexy/beautiful man he truly is.


Jhessye said...

It's those damn eyes. Ooh. The hills have eyes and michael fassbender's has mountains of hotness and is debonair. Ooh baby! Anywho, I better mesh and just enjoy those photos. I hope to meet him. Cheers.

Ling Chia hsu said...

My all time favorite

Ling Chia hsu said...