That Old Gossip and Rumor About Michael Fassbender

Posted June 9, 2014 
Michael Fassbender at London X-Men: DOFP premiere
During the past few years I have touched lightly on a rumor subject regarding Michael Fassbender that I immediately dismissed upon hearing about. I have mentioned in passing several times since March 2010, about the unsavory gossipy rumor about Michael which I believe was strategically announced to the media mere days after the Oscars, in which Inglorious Basterds was nominated for nine Academy Awards. This was a worldwide blockbuster Tarantino film where Michael Fassbender co-starred with a host of excellent performers and he was listed third in the credits.

Every so often in these four years, I receive an email from someone asking me if I have additional information about the rumors of Michael Fassbender beating up some woman he dated. My general response to them has been that I have briefly mentioned it in some blog articles but have made it clear that I do not find them to be true at all. I suspect that some of the people who have emailed me were genuinely interested in my opinion. I appreciate that, and it's a compliment that they sought me out in all of Fassbender fandom to see what I think or know about the abuse allegations. I also believe that some of the very people who have been cheer leading on this rumor and doing their part to keep fanning the gossip flames like its the fucking ancient Olympic flame, have emailed me just to read my response.  Also due to an increase in website visits to FF recently, especially during a time when I have been too busy to update more frequently, I believe there is a correlation to this uptick in visits because there have been renewed hater activity in continuing to bring this topic up. Because I have been very busy with real world projects, I have not seen the recent Tumblr and Twitter gossip activities, but I am aware of a new bullshit "article" by some lazy blogger asshole who is just recycling the same gossip crap for hits to their advertisement heavy pseudo entertainment news crappy website (thanks to Google alert promoting it).  Mind, all of this is occurring at a time when Michael's latest movie, as young Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past, is out in theaters (my review).

Whenever Michael has a new movie coming out, and as his fanbase continues to grow, new fans are understandably concerned and turned off when they read the hyper, judgmental, and opinionated ramblings about Michael being accused of physically assaulting a girlfriend, and running his car over her, conveniently bursting an ovarian cyst of all things.  I have banned the mentioning of this woman's name, but you all know who she is. I'm not giving her anymore fame or recognition because she's a liar and she tried to sabotage Michael Fassbender's name and credibility, and defame his character when he ended their "relationship". If you just Google her, you will see that she filed similar charges against another man who dumped her ass, and then, like in the case with Fassbender, dropped the charges days later. But, the damage was already done! The accusation is public knowledge, that was the plan, the only plan. Plant the seed of the wild weed, and no matter how many times the weed is pulled up, the weed comes back, sometimes even stronger. What better way to get back at a wealthy/famous man for dumping you than to concoct bullshit lies, file a police report, and then, Ooops,  never mind, drop the charges later? No pictures of bruises, no witnesses, no Emergency Room or Ob-Gyn medical report to prove that an ovarian cyst exploded when a car ran over her. I have to admit, for added flair and drama, the busted cyst was a marvelous attention to detail and added .00000001% credibility to the entire fabrication. Surely if this happened, a normal person would sought immediate medical attention, filed a police report, have a restraining order placed upon the accused cyst destroyer, file a civil lawsuit, etc. If this REALLY happened, it would have been handled in a more serious and immediate manner.

I have been asked point blankly why hasn't Michael Fassbender or his agent said anything about this? I do remember reading a quote from his father a few months after the fabricated allegations and his father sounded so hurt and bewildered and 110% in defense of his son and said that these lies were completely untrue. Perhaps, that is and was to be the ONLY public reference to this situation. A father defending his son to the Irish/UK media when he was asked to comment about the allegations. I have been reading about the entertainment industry for half of my life, and I have been writing about it since 1999. It is my belief that when rumors are so ridiculous, and so obviously designed for attention and to attack someone without a shred of evidence, it's not worth acknowledging. There is a saying that some things just aren't worth giving credibility to by bothering to respond to it - it's not worth justifying it with a response or giving attention to it. And that's what this is about, that is what I believe their game plan was - to ignore it as the fabricated lie that it was.

I was extremely fortunate and honored to conduct my interview with Michael Fassbender just weeks after this silliness became public. I spoke to the man whose talent and charisma inspired me to create this blog in September 2008. Upon speaking with him for about half an hour on the phone, it felt like I was speaking to a long time friend and someone who was sincere and eager to answer my questions in a calm and relaxed manner. Michael Fassbender was polite, funny, sweet, and a professional gentleman. As I stated earlier, I immediately dismissed the allegations made against him, and after speaking with him, I just could not imagine that someone like Michael Fassbender could remotely do what he was accused of doing to a woman. It's offensive to even think that it was ever true. Although I'm not a psychic, I'm no fool either, and I staunchly defend women's rights and I am very much against domestic violence/abuse, and the abuse of women and children. Heck, I'm against abuse and violence against all of humanity! I could not in good conscience sit here and continue to devote so much time, energy and money to a blog about a man if I felt he was 1% possibly guilty of abusing a woman. That would be an insult to my character and intelligence, and my activities would appear to condone physical violence. So I don't know how much more clear I need to be when I say as a proud fan of Michael Fassbender, that I categorically do not believe in the rumors about Michael Fassbender violently attacking a woman! It is just so absurd to even think this, and that is why I get agitated when I receive emails out of the blue, bringing this shit to my doorstep once more. But again, at least people are coming to me and asking me what my opinion is, demonstrating that they are having difficulty believing it as well.

If you are prone to believe in this allegation, ask yourself this: Why? What evidence do you have? What clear, concrete physical proof do you have to support your continued belief in this false allegation? What's in it for you to believe this? What's in it for you to help promote this rumor and keep it alive? Why do you dislike Michael Fassbender so much to even be a party to the promotion of this lie? What has Michael personally done to you to upset you and make you hate him and his success so much to justify your participation in trying to convince fans, especially his new fans, that this shit is true? Have you no shame or a life? Leave the man alone. If you don't like him or his style of acting, and you think he's not good looking enough or talented enough. Fine, just move the fuck along! Why be so jealous of a man that your subconscious probably worships and is obsessed about, but you're mentally deranged and or conflicted about your feelings for him and want to engage in hater gossip because it's fun. Who the fuck lives their life like this? It's disturbing! To the people who insist on writing that this old allegation is indeed the truth, you are mean, malicious, pathetic, and seriously fucked up!

For those fence sitting fans, make up your minds now. If you want to continue to enjoy the work of a brilliant actor who really is a sweet, hard working man (just read the hundreds of interviews he has done) - great, good for you! But if for some reason you want to believe these rumors, then just move along and focus your attention on a different actor or get a life. That's really all I can say on that. There are a lot of popular performers who are complete, unprecedented assholes who have been arrested, who have been recorded saying very foul things, have been known to harm and attack people/women, consistently and publicly hang out with the most disgusting gold-digging types of females, take hard-core drugs, and just do horrendous things for media attention - I ignore them, I pay them no attention, let alone invest even a minute helping to spread rumors about them. It says so much more about the people who help spread rumors than of the person that the rumor is about. Think about that. Also, if you are inclined to believe this rumor, think really deeply about where you are reading this rumor, and why they are writing about it. There's always a personal agenda and timing issues in relation to the renewed interests in this old unfounded allegation. Remember, a person is guilty when they are found guilty in the court of law. This situation was created only to harm Michael 's name and for revenge. Michael Fassbender is a responsible, polite, and civilized gentleman, so please feel free to continue to support him and his career with the rest of his awesome fans who believe in him here at Fassinating Fassbender!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to respond to this essay, but please be mature and respectful. Comments will be deleted if they are defamatory and counterproductive to a civil discussion.


Stephanie Czekalski said...


I just read your whole article and I understand your anger ...
I admit I did not know this rumor, perhaps because I try to avoid gossip and I was not yet Fassinator at that time.
I do not understand people who bring out these old gossip and false stories to overshadow a career

ChiaraAndMore said...

"My father always taught me that you have to be able to ignore the stupid comments because if you try to respond all the time there'll be no end to it." - Michael Fassbender

That woman has issues! He's a talented actor and a lovely person but people believe everything they read on the Internet...what a shame!

michaela street said...

I think you should also add that she made the allegations several months after they split up and he had returned home to England.

Simone said...

@Michaela, this is the kind of false information I want to help clarify. I don't know where you get your info from but telecast for the 2010 Oscars where Basterds was up for 9 awards was on March 7th of that year. And the first media that reported these allegations was that damn TMZ, dated March 23, 2010 where they reference her filing 'earlier in the month' which falls in the time frame of the conclusion of the Oscar season. This several months gap is yet, another exaggeration and it only aids in further misleading people!

Jhessye said...

Very well written first off. Also, I never thought for a second that Michael was ever guilty. I have experience with sexual abuse victims and if you publicly accuse someone of rape/sexual abuse (especially a celebrity), and saying that you burst an ovary or whatever, chances are you need to have a written medical report to back up your accusations. And what pisses me off the most is that it's people like the accuser/women/men who lie about being sexually abused. That stuff can scar you so deep if you have been raped or experienced any kind of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse victims are 6 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts/or even attempt suicide.
Not to mention, it takes a LONG time for a police report about sexual abuse to be filed in the first place (like sometime 3-6 months after the incidents). And if you lie about that being abuse and waste investigative resources and taxpayers money, that's just messed up dude.

Well that's my rant of the day. Take it with a grain of salt and an open heart.

Simone said...

Michaela, you're passionate about this topic and you have your pages bookmarked. While I appreciate you trying to prove your point, I don't want direct links to articles about this topic posted here. I don't want to regret having an open dialogue about this, but I also don't want other people coming here with guns a'blazin with their supposed facts. Some people act as if what is reported on the internet is fact and proof and that accuracy is the bylaw with the highest level of responsibility being obeyed in journalism.

I will delete you comment and just repost it right here, minus the links. Sorry.
Michaele Street said,


Am referencing these two articles:

(links edited out)

They both state that the alleged abuse dated back to July 2009 and that she filed for the restraining order the following March 2010, some 8 months later. By this time Michael had returned home to London and it seems very strange to seek a restraining order against someone who lives thousands of miles away!


I think I understand what you're trying to say but the fact remains, I just don't want links here, that's why I didn't post links in the essay. Also, I highly doubt the 2009 time frame as well. It's all speculation and fabrications.

Carla Duarte said...

I agree when you say this topic comes up every time Michael is news. It always sounded like a load of BS to me. I can't imagine him doing anything remotely like what they say he did. But I do wish someone would just put an end to it, he doesn'nt deserve to have people doubting his character.

Snootiegirl said...

There are so many things that I love about the internet. But the blurring of lines between fact and opinion, truth and rumor is not onen of them. When I was a kid, my parents taught me that not everything I heard on tv was fact. Just because you hear it doesn't mean you shouldn't be a critical thinker and question the veracity of the information and the source.

But it seems that a generation of kids who grew up with the web aren't engaging their critical thinking. When I read reports like the one from NPR two or so weeks ago about reading being a dying skill for children, it makes me feel like an old fuddy-duddy to think, well, in my day . . . but aren't these kids reading all sorts of things on the web? And texting? And emailing? And commenting on every article they read? So what is it that they aren't reading?

But reading isn't enough. To just take everything at face value is dangerous, irresponsible, and just plain dumb. People lie. People make shit up. I know it's just astonishing, but there's some truth for you.

I think that Michael said it best himself in an interview a few weeks ago when he answered the same tired, "Why are you such a partier?" question. He said it's probably because it sells better than "Michael Fassbender, regular guy." Maybe to some people, but not to me.

That could also be the problem with this oversaturation of superhero movies lately. Our protagonists all have this ridiculously outrageous neroses and outsized problems. Whereas most of us lead pretty 'normal' and fiarly pedestrian lives. Not to say that exciting things don't happen. I have been constantly excited about my life for the past year and a half due to so many wonderful changes, etc. But it's a progression. It's not every day that something wonderful happens. The movies telescope everything into 2 hours.

It's almost the same syndrome of women fantasizing about prince charmings who don't really exist except in stories. Superheroes in real life are firefighters, police officers, teachers, garbage collectors, social workers, etc. Real people helping other real people. Those are my heroes. Not to say I don't enjoy superhero movies--because I do.

So anyway, don't believe everything you read just because someone wrote it. SImone is right. There was no evidence ever produced except a history of this behavior from this person in relation to other famous boyfriends.

Now, let's focus on Frank, MacBeth, Slow West, and Trespass Against Us.

Have a wonderfully restful time in CA this weekend Simone!

nanna said...

I really don't believe in everything i read it on internet, i think it's his personal life and his former gilrfriend, but i umderstand the reactions that his provoque on people, he's very handsome and has something about his presence and such instensity that he brings that some people felt intimidated by that, it's insane yes it is, i saw shame for what it is a very good movie, without prejudice in my eyes, there's an article here in brazil my crountry with the title the envie of the repressed, a review from the movie and the reaction of people these emotions are like acid gasoline in raw meet,and make some people going crazy, (like Jeanne moureau caracther in the movie mademoiselle), it came to us don't give voice to them, don't care it's very sad people behaving like that, nice words fromm Michael's fassbender dad. all the best Jordana.

moon starr said...

He would have made the PERFECT Christian Grey.....

rokko pavka said...

@moon starr - now you know why michael must have immediately refused the offer to play christian grey, if at all he was offered the movie, which i am pretty sure he was

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing this up for me.

I'd heard the rumor, but it well and truly pisses me off that the people spreading it just happened to leave out the part where there was no fucking evidence whatsoever that it happened in the first place.

Like, there are literally clickbait articles with headlines like "10 Celebrities you didn't know abused their girlfriends" and treating it like he got convicted of abusing her and it never even got through the courts, holy crap.

Anyway seriously, thanks for clearing this up.

Simone Cromer said...

You're welcome. Thanks!